7 clean shrimp menus, delicious, easy to make, not fattening

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7 clean shrimp menus, delicious, easy to make, not fattening, a weight loss menu, low in calories, pleasing to the health crowd. Report from โปรโมชั่น ufabet

Today we would like to recommend a clean shrimp menu that is delicious, easy to make, and doesn’t make you fat! First of all, ladies. Did you know that shrimp is a meat that is low in fat? High in protein, not allergic to other animals. When we consume enough protein each day, It will result in the body being able to burn energy well. Plus, shrimp meat is low in calories as well. Very suitable for people who are controlling their weight.

Giving away ideas for clean shrimp menus that are delicious, easy, and low in calories.

1. Shrimp salad

Let’s start with the first menu. Definitely the most popular weight loss formula. You probably can’t escape the vegetable salad. Because it is high in fiber, low in calories, it helps you feel full faster. Importantly, it is high in vitamins. Good for the body and helps with the digestive system. Helps the skin to be radiant and clear. And to add more value to the meal, complete with all 5 food groups, we recommend protein from shrimp meat. Because it’s delicious and easy to digest. However, this menu will be healthy only if girls Don’t put too much salad dressing.

2. Shrimp Salad

Anyone who likes to eat spicy food, we recommend it. With a popular menu that is pleasing to the tastes of Thai women all over the country, such as shrimp salad, with sour, sweet, salty, spicy flavors, full of flavour. The spiciness of chili can help reduce fat. It serves to help speed up the metabolism of energy very well. It also helps release hormones that create happiness. Unbelievable that just eating spicy chili It helps reduce stress!

3. Fresh shrimp spring rolls

For anyone who is not good at eating vegetables or don’t like to eat vegetables We recommend the fresh shrimp spring rolls. Because it will help you eat vegetables more easily and with variety, complete with all 5 groups in a clean way. Eating them together with delicious dipping sauces will help make this meal delicious. Get full benefits The important thing is that the spring rolls must be fresh, not fried because of the use of too much oil in cooking. It’s not good for health.

4. Stir-fried vegetables with shrimp

   Of course, every clean food recipe distribution must include stir-fried vegetables. Today we would like to recommend stir-fried shrimp and vegetables. We recommend that you stir-fry them with water. It’s not oil. and add only pepper seasoning A little salt for flavor. Focus on eating a lot of vegetables. It helps to be good for the digestive system. and helps to fill the stomach quickly In addition to the protein obtained from shrimp, it is easy to digest. It is a menu that is friendly to the digestive system.

5. Shrimp porridge

  In the morning like this, we recommend the shrimp porridge menu. Because it helps you start your day fresh, delicious, and filling your stomach just right, not too heavy. In addition, to make this menu healthy It’s better for your health. We recommend that you choose brown rice. to increase dietary fiber And I don’t drink the soup. In order to reduce sodium The worst enemy that can cause your face to swell!

6. Tom Yum Goong with Clear Soup

 To please the spicy lovers, you must prepare this menu. Tom Yum Goong with Clear Soup I emphasize that it must be clear tom yum soup, no coconut milk. For health, fat reduction, and cleanliness, add mushrooms to increase protein because in one day the human body should receive enough protein. It helps repair and build muscles. It is also good for people who are losing weight.

7. Clean pan-fried shrimp and eggs

The pan-fried egg menu is a breakfast that includes all 5 food groups. To make this menu extremely healthy, it is recommended that you do not add oil at all. Or add just a little bit of coconut oil. Let me tell you that this dish is rich in protein from eggs. And when shrimp meat is added, it will add even more nutrients, such as iodine and omega 3, which will help reduce the risk of coronary heart disease.