Botulinum Toxin, where is the injection given? What does it help?

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Botulinum Toxin, where is the injection given? What does it help?

Problems with aging A big problem for both men and women. Because with age comes the traces of experience. Raised eyebrows wrinkled His brows wrinkled. including an unshaped face It easily causes a lack of confidence. I believe that if you are one of those people who suffer from these problems, you are probably familiar with “Botulinum Toxin,” which helps reduce wrinkles and adjust facial shape for sure. But do you know. Where botulinum toxin can help restore? According to ทางเข้า ufabet


Popular areas suitable for injections This is because it is an area that easily wrinkles from facial expressions. Causes deep and clear wrinkles. Botulinum injections Toxin will help reduce wrinkles. 

Between the eyebrows/behind the eyebrows

Frequently unintentionally frowning will cause wrinkles between the eyebrows. Or some people have drooping eyebrows that make their face not bright. Can be corrected by injecting botulinum toxin because in addition to reducing wrinkles, It also helps adjust the tail of the eyebrows to lift them up.


The area around the corner of the eye is an area where the skin is sensitive and can easily cause wrinkles. Or what we call “crow’s feet”. This area can be restored by using a small amount of medicine. 

Wing of the nose

For those who have problems with large nose wings, botulinum toxin can be used to make the nose wings smaller. more in shape The nose looks slimmer. and can protect the bridge of the nose without surgery It is considered another good choice.

Jaw/face frame

It is another popular spot for injections. Because it will reduce the work of the jaw muscles. and makes the muscles smaller Resulting in a more slender face. or even those who have a sagging face problem If it’s not tight, it can be injected to tighten the face and make the face look clearer.

Instructions for following treatment with Botulinum Toxin

After treatment using botulinum toxin

  1. Do not lie down for 3 hours after injection. Because the drug may spread out of position. Treatment can carrie out to muscles in other areas.
  2. Do not massage, scrub, rub, or roll the treated area. This is because it may cause the medicine to spread to areas where it is not need.
  3. A cold compress can applied to the treated area. To reduce pain, swelling, or bruising.
  4. Frequent management of the muscles at the injection site very important In order for the drug to penetrate into the desired muscles. To have the most effect. Which should done every 15 minutes in the first 1 – 3 hours. After injection, such as injections in the forehead area. Keep raising your eyebrows. Injection between the eyebrows Always frown. Injection at the corner of the eye Always smile with your teeth. Jaw injection Always chew gum.
  5. Avoid going to steam baths, saunas, laser treatments, and vigorous facial massages in 2 days. The first week after injection
  6. Avoid drinking alcoholic beverages for the first 2 weeks after injection.