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History-Phutharet. Biography of Wahoram Khuang Phutharet Kongrak. A wheelchair-racing player of the Thai national team racing in the qualifying round. Reaching the final of the 5,000 meters wheelchair T54.

Wheelchair racing Paralympic Games 2020 in Tokyo Japan on August 27. Another highlight that Thai sports fans are interested in wheelchair racing 5,000 meters. Men’s class T54 qualifying round. Thailand sent 2 athletes to compete.

By Heat 1. Phutharet Kongrak a native of Trang province. Speeding up from the end of the starting period overtake competitors to finish 4th with a time of 10.11.36 minutes. And athletes from Switzerland entered 1st place. The United States 2nd place and Russian immigrant athletes came in 3rd place. In the first heat the quota is assigned to automatically enter the final 3 people. Then Phutharet to win the 4th place with the best time when Compared to Heat 2

Which competes in the heat 2 history Wahoram. A veteran wheelchair racing player from SaKaeo Province. 2 gold medals from the previous 2016 Rio Games in Brazil. And is also the owner of the old champion of this program. Accompanied by a trusted car to the finish line as the first person comfortably with a record of 10.14.91 minutes through qualifying to win a gold medal in the competition tomorrow, August 28 at 6:24 p.m. Thai time.

In which in the final of the 5,000-meter wheelchair-racing. Men’s class T-54 there are two Thai wheelchair players both Phutharet Kongrak and former champion Wahoram history.