Leeds stubbornly brushed aside the large sums and offered to buy another Calvin Phillips.

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West Ham United have turned down an offer for Leeds United midfielder Calvin Phillips. As well as Brazil attacker Rafinha.

The Observer reports that. Leeds United football team have received offers from West Ham United. For two of the best defensive midfielder Calvin Phillips and winger. Or attacking midfielder Rafinha. but rejected all offers Reports say. West Ham are ready to pay up to £50 million for Phillips. But Leeds have stubbornly turned down the offer. I do not want to risk trying to escape relegation this season. At the same time, previously there was news that. The Hammers offered to buy Rafinha wing of the Brazilian national team. But Yungthong did not accept the offer for the same reason.

For the Hammers, manager David Moyes wants to strengthen the army for a chance to win the UEFA Champions League. Which currently UFABET seems increasingly difficult. The reason for aiming at two of the best of Leeds is because of their experience in the Premier League arena that can be used at all. You don’t have to adapt as much as players from other leagues.

Calvin Phillips was born and raised in Leeds, West Yorkshire. Referred to in football training with Academy Wortley before being drawn to the army’s football academy from 2010 when he was 15.

Phillips spent four years thereafter. He debuted for Leeds United’s senior team at the age of 19 during the Championship. Before becoming a key player in Yungthong’s two seasons later.

Calvin Phillips has emerged as an England international. Who has performed impressively in the opening game of the Roaring Lions. The European Championship ( Euro 2020 ) with a 1-0 win over Croatia via Raheem Sterling’s tone goal with Phillips’