Police Tero kicks off the 2021 season.

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Police Tero kicks off the 2021 season. 28 August 2021. Police Tero FC announced the launch of the Thai League 1 Fight Club for the 2021/22 season in an online format. Under the concept of “the future always together” the foundation of football in the future. It is a good youth system. And Chakthip Chaijinda former police chief, president of the club and Mr. Brian L. Markar. The club’s chairman presided over the press conference. 

In addition. In the event, There were also players who joined the launch of the crowd. Such as “Leesor” Theerathep Winothai and Isaac Honny two captains of the team this season. Including Wanchai Jarunongkran, Prasit Phadungchok, Kittipong. Phu Thaew Chueak, Evandro Paulista, Deney de Berley, Ekachai Samre and Chumphon Bua-ngam.

The highlight of the event was the unveiling of the race uniforms. The home kit is still red. The color of the club with a root pattern on the bottom of the shirt. To show the goal of developing the youth system in laying the important foundation to create a new diamond to decorate the Thai football industry.https://properundead.com/