Steven Gerrard tested positive for COVID-19, Missed two games in charge.

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Aston Villa have announced that manager Steven Gerrard tested positive for coronavirus. Meaning he will miss the next two games against Chelsea and Leeds United football team.

Aston Villa have confirm. That manager Steven Gerrard has tested positive for the coronavirus. Prompting him to undergo a 10-day quarantine as a precautionary measure epidemic. And will miss the role of controlling the team to unfold the number of 2 games together.

Previously there were many players in the Singha team. Who were infect with the coronavirus causing the home game against Burnley on Saturday, December 18. Having to postpone the latest match the legendary Liverpool captain also received such infection. As a result you will lose the right to control the team to kick Boxing Day game against Chelsea at Villa Park on Sunday December 26. Followed by a trip to Leeds United on Tuesday December 28.

An official club statement read: ” Aston Villa can confirm that head coach Steven Gerrard will not be in charge of our next two Premier League matches against Chelsea and Leeds United. Because he will go into quarantine after testing positive for COVID-19.”

The villa is in the works after the appoint Gerrard take over as the new coach last November By leading the team to win 4 of the last 6 league games. The last two losing games Because they met with a strong team like Liverpool and Manchester City. Which are on the top of the table.

Meanwhile, victories over Brighton, Crystal Palace, Leicester City and Norwich City take them to 10th in the table with 22 points from 17 games. Blues and Yungthong have not been reported yet. More players are infect causing the competition to continue according to the original schedule. According to report by ufabet