Antonio Cont is also interested in pointing out that Unfair has been postponed to hit the gun.

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Spurs boss Antonio Conte remains enthralled by the postponement of the North London derby against Arsenal mid-season. By thinking that it is unfair for their team at all.

The Gunners have called for a postponement of the game. That was originally scheduled for January. When 1 or 2 players on a team are infect with coronavirus Most of Mikel Arteta’s team at the time was absent due to injury. UFABET And went to play the African Nations Cup more.

Spurs were furious as they were forced to be eliminate from the Europa Conference League. Because so many players in the team contract coronavirus. And were unable to compete with Rennes until they were fined three by UEFA.

The North London derby with the Gunners is re-matched on Thursday. Give Spurs little time before their clash with Burnley on Sunday. 

“Of course it’s strange that our game has postpone because of coronavirus. And Arsenal don’t have any players who have test positive for coronavirus.” Antonio Conte said.

“We lost 3-0 (finessed to Rennes) because the Premier League didn’t want to postpone the game for us. When we had nine or 10 players infect with coronavirus. That time what happen was unfair.

“But now it’s in the past. And we have to focus on the present and try to get the best results. I think this is a good chance for us to get three points against their team. Because if we play in January. They don’t have multiplayer. Because they have players in the African Nations Cup and injuries.

“Football is great and in a game like this It is right to play with two teams where all the players are ready.”