James Rodriguez in the future.

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James Rodriguez in the future.Everton forward James Rodriguez has been questioned over his future. After admitting that he had not received any contact from the club. Until he did not know who his team will face in the next game.

Everton under new manager Rafael Benitez made their debut in the Premier League. The Premier League won 3-1 at home to Southampton without Rodriguez in the squad.

Colombian playmaker being questioned about fitness Until he hasn’t returned to practice with the team. And no one contacted to make him feel uncomfortable. Even complaining via Twitter, a game streaming platform,

The 30-year-old Shin revealed, “I should have practiced with the team on Monday. But at the weekend I don’t have a program on the field. I don’t even know who will face Everton, can someone tell me (against Leeds United on August 21)?”

“I’ve been thinking too far because the last game we played at home, ah, probably against Leeds. away against Marcelo Bielsa’s team, would have been a tough game. Let’s see And I hope they win.”

For James Rodriguez, the future is uncertain after coach Carlo Ancelotti moved back to Real Madrid. while the news was rumored to have to move the team. Again with news with AC Milan or Atletico Madrid who want to be.