Thomas Tuchel

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Thomas Tuchel. Chelsea manager Thomas Tuchel is confident that comeback striker Romelu Lukaku will return to the squad for the second round. Be the person who completes the puzzle that completes success. And hints may be sent down to launch a shot at Arsenal on August 22.

The Belgian pioneer. Back to the local Stamford Ford Bridge again in 7 years after “Sing the Blues” to buy back from Inter Milan for a club record 97.5 million pounds. (about 4,470 million baht)

Leaderless Chase. Chelsea have a big battle awaiting a London derby match against rivals like “big guns” over the weekend. And although they have just arrived. But Tuchel big boss Chelsea is preparing to send Lukaku to make his debut in the game. Big immediately for the win.

Tuchel revealed: “We hope he will be on the field for Sunday’s game. We hope he’s the missing puzzle piece. But at the same time We always try to find solutions for any questions. Being asked all the time during the game.”

“We still need a strong team. Romelu is someone who has a personality and profile that we have overlooked. But now it’s our job to push ourselves to the fullest. Romelu is unique. It’s in the strong and fast range. He is a goal scorer like no other.”

“Of course we expect goals. And he himself expected the same. He scores goals wherever he moves to play. So we’ll see how well he can produce this time.”