Who is the group of people who should drink decaf coffee instead of regular coffee?

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Your doctor may advise people in the following risk groups to avoid, control, or opt for decaf coffee instead of regular coffee. So talk to your doctor about the potential risks your health.

People with congenital disease.

 Because caffeine may trigger an exacerbation or exacerbation of symptoms by diseases or disorders that should avoid or reduce caffeine, such as sleep disorders. Migraine or other chronic headaches, anxiety, acid reflux arrhythmias arrhythmias high blood pressure and those who have ulcers in the stomach, etc. 

Person taking medication.

 Caffeine and some medications may interact with each other. This may cause side effects or prevent the drug from working fully. Especially a group of stimulant drugs that accelerate the work of the nervous system. antibiotic group and anticoagulant drugs UFABET

Children and pregnant women. 

Infants, children and pregnant women should limit their consumption of coffee or their intake of caffeine in any form because of the possible effects on the child or fetus. complications from It can also be used by mothers who are breastfeeding as caffeine can enter the bloodstream and pass through the milk to the baby .

However, although decaf coffee is very low in caffeine. But it can also be dangerous. If you’re unprepared or sensitive to caffeine. So talk to your doctor about the potential risks.