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Probiotics Beneficial Microorganisms.

Probiotics are known as key ingredients in commercially available fermented milk and yoghurt products. But do you know what probiotics are and how they are important to health? Is it harmful to the body or not, and if probiotics are imbalanced. What will happen? This article will take you to get to know

Foods people with acid reflux should avoid.

Many foods contribute to the symptoms of acid reflux. Such as belching, colic under the epigastric region, similar to indigestion and heartburn. Each person may have different symptoms after eating. The foods that are most likely to cause acid reflux include: Fatty foods can cause the lower esophageal sphincter to

What are good fats?

Good fats  are called HDL and bad fats are called LDL. It is generally known that Fatty arteriosclerosis that can lead to heart failure In addition to the internal body is bad. It is also fat that makes us obese as well. The good fat or HDL that is good fat. because it is